Contributed Talk and Poster Awards

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Best Contributed Talk and Best Poster Awards at . The awards were decided by the community voting, and this year the competition was very close!

Best Contributed Talk Award

The Best Contributed Talk Award of goes to Patryk Wielopolski, for his talk titled “TreeFlow: A Novel Tree-Based Approach for Flexible Regression Modeling with Normalizing Flows”!

Additionally, we decided to give three equal runner-up awards to:

  • Kamil Deja, for his talk “Diffusion models - what we already can and yet can’t generate”,
  • Sneha Jha, for her talk “Memory optimization for finetuning models”, and
  • Maciej Wiatrak, for his talk “Fighting Antibiotic Resistance with Deep Learning”.

Best Poster Award

For Best Poster Award, we decided to give equal awards to four posters that obtained very similar number of votes:

  • “Bucks for Buckets (B4B): Active Defenses Against Stealing Encoders” by Jan Dubiński,
  • “Towards More Realistic Membership Inference Attacks on Large Diffusion Models” by Antoni Kowalczuk,
  • “Fine-grained Mixture-of-Experts” by Jakub Krajewski, and
  • “DAECE: Diffusion AutoEncoders for Counterfactual Explanations” by Bartlomiej Sobieski.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who made ML in PL Conference 2023 a memorable experience!